My Best Friends Got Engaged on the Same Day


The first commitment a girl makes in her life is with her best friend/s. Luckily, in my first decade on earth, I have already met and sealed my best friendship with three girls that still stand as my best friends to this day. 

TF’s during the year of our debuts

My best friends taught me how to be a good participating member of a relationship. We listen to each other’s stories with no judgement- just honest criticisms and sometimes uncalled-for jokes. We hold each other’s secrets, and we gauge each others’ crushes, dates, and boyfriends to ensure they are deserving of the awesomeness and craziness they are about to step into.

Now, fast forward to almost 2 decades since, on December 9, 2017 both of my best friends’ former boyfriends went down on one knee, one in Tagaytay, and one in Melbourne. And they said YES!

Louis & Pin
Sandwiched by Dij and Mon

I was in shock and in a state of confusion. I was ecstatic and devastated (that’s not an exaggeration!). I was excited and anxious to the point of breaking down. I was a wave pool of emotions. But soon after the initial end-of-the-world overreaction, I found that the ecstacy, and excitement outweighed the fears. Through the tears, Jan reminded me that the soon-to-be-mrs’s have been with their soon-to-be-mr’s for 8 and 9 years. One couple has built a home together, and the other a business that continues to grow. Of all the couples I have known in my life, they are the most ready to make the biggest commitment in life.

Seeing the pure bliss in my cousin-best friend’s face was what finally calmed my mediocre tits down.

To witness joy and love of that gravity is rare, incomparable, and contagious. So here’s to spreading the love- from my two newly engaged besties to me, and now to you!!

Word count: 300


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