​Do’s and Don’ts: Tinipak River Day Trip


  1. Don’t do enough research. Jan and I decided to go to Tinipak River just a couple of days before our trip. To prepare, we scanned through a few blogs, took screenshots, and off we went! (Real tip: type in Mt Daraitan in Waze! It will direct you to the parking area.) To say the least, we got lost and wasted about an hour on the road. But hey, that’s part of the adventure!

  1. Don’t set an ETD. we did set one but it wasn’t set in stone. our alarms went off at 6 but we woke up an hour worth of snoozes after. Then, we decided to just have breakfast at home. We ended up leaving at 8am. We arrived at the starting point at 1pm, which gave us very little time left for the 2-3 hour trek.

  1. Bring a small car. We read that we would be passing through a dirt road but we didn’t take it seriously. By the end of the day, our poor white sedan was scratched, bruised, and covered in all kinds of brown.

2017-12-30 061245095768..jpg


  1. The tour began at the barangay hall where tourists register and hire a tour guide. It is best to hire a guide because the trail is not clear cut. (He can take your photos too!) 

  1. Enjoy walking through the cold streams! The water was cool and walking through the rushing current was exciting! (Side note: I was wearing slippers and I found my toes holding on to my slippers’ thongs for dear life hahahaha!,

  1. Eat their special lomi, which was undoubtedly one of the best I’ve ever tasted. It comes with meat that is both salty and sour. Sarap!!

If you’re looking for a quick adventure near Manila, I definitely recommend Tinipak River! 

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